Showcase baseball Academy



Develop Future Leaders.

The young men that come through SBA will become husbands, fathers, business leaders, politicians, teachers, first responders and more. They will be prepared to lead well.

our values

  • God

    Always first. For His glory.

  • Respect

    Show it. Earn it.

  • Optimism

    Anything is possible.

  • Work

    In humility, we push harder.

  • Winning

    It matters.

our history


the begining

Motivated to build a top performing baseball team for his son, John Owens started the Charlotte Hurricanes.
2010 – As demand to join the Charlotte Hurricane’s winning program grew, Owens saw an opportunity to create a baseball academy in the Charlotte area. Showcase Baseball Academy opened its doors with some of the region’s premier instructors. Jake Robbins, a professional player of 14 years, joined as President.



With his son having graduated from the program, Owens sought a suitable buyer for the academy who would carry on its successful tradition. Will Simmons, a successful entrepreneur motivated to provide his son with an elite baseball experience, purchased the academy from Owens.



Simmons was inspired with a vision far greater than SBA’s current reach. Achieving that vision required additional capabilities, so Simmons invited Jake Robbins, Travis Thompson and Matt McCammon to join as owners, each bringing complimentary talents to the organization. The expanded team published new mission, vision and value statements reflecting a much loftier expectation for the academy. Simultaneously, the facility was expanded and remodeled with new offices, retail storefront, parents’ lounge, cages, pitching tunnels, turf and lighting.

We are incredibly proud of our history but believe our best days are ahead. Welcome to The Show!


Our vision

Become nationally recognized as THE elite baseball program.
We foresee a day when the roster of every major league baseball team contains a graduate of SBA.