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SBA His Show

SBA his show

SBA thinks differently. We intend our legacy to extend beyond the field into homes, businesses, political spheres, and schools. Our players will become the leaders of tomorrow. For that to happen, we need to walk more than we talk.

SBA provides a character development program with four core offerings, all focused on developing the character of our players.

  • Fellowship

    Each month, players are invited to participate in a time of off-the-field fellowship. In addition to learning some practical life skills, players will hear athletes and community leaders share words of truth the touch the heart and nourish the soul. This is free, but registration is required.

  • Chapel

    We offer a curriculum specifically designed and written to encourage and challenge young athletes. Every tournament weekend, our players hear a message that both teaches and motivates.

  • Service

    Leadership begins with service. Every quarter, players and their families are invited to participate in service projects in the community. It’s a great opportunity for fellowship while also serving the less fortunate.

  • Mentorship

    The best and the brightest have mentors, individuals that have a gift for listening and in troubled times, speaking truth and wisdom. Upon request, we will assign an individual mentor to players. We recognize players and parents don’t always communicate perfectly. Mentors can fill that gap, helping to shepherd players through life.

Executing on each of these programs is difficult, consuming time, money, and energy. Nonetheless, we recognize that the right thing to do is not always the easy thing to do.

For any who feel convicted to join us on this mission, we welcome your support whether that be through your prayers, finances or talents.